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New ideas and products that transform science and technology are being continuously spawned by new generations of men and women. Our mission is to support these scientists who boldly challenge new advancements.

Founded in 1976 by Akira Hattori, Uniflex Co. Ltd. has grown into one of Japan’s leaders in the importation and exportation of scientific technologies and instrumentation for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. These include liquid handling instrumentation and pharmaceutical compendium testers (dissolution testers, calibration systems, pipettes), liquid handling peripherals and sample preparation systems (in-place dissolution vessel and paddle washers, bladeless mixers, microwaves) and the distribution of plastic disposables for laboratory use (sample cups, transfer pipettes, etc). In addition to introducing these latest technologies to the scientific community, we carry out on-site performance validation and qualification services using Ratiometric Photometry - the most precise of calibration methods and one that ensures traceability to GLP, FDA ISO 9000 GMP and other regulatory requirements.

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